Mariners Extend Felix Hernandez Through 2019


SOURCE: The Mariners extend Felix Hernandez in their reported 7-year, $175 million dollar contract.

This is the most important thing the Mariners could have done in their current situation. It shows they are committed to winning, committed to Seattle, fans, and everything else nice and happy.

The same goes for Felix.

This deal will silence the doubters; those who ‘knew’ that Felix would be traded, those who ‘knew’ Felix would never spend his career with the Mariners.

The Mariners have just told their fans that things will get better. That M’s fans won’t suffer much more.

7 years and $175 million dollars is a long time. It is a long commitment. But it is also one that the Mariners needed to make.

Not to sound cocky or anything, but this is almost the exact contract I predicted the M’s would sign Felix to five days ago. Felix signed the largest contract for a pitcher in history, and he is also going to be the highest paid pitcher for a long time. That is until Justin Verlander or Clayton Kershaw signs a bigger one.

I will wait until this deal is ’100%’ finalized, but for now, I’ll let it sink in. The M’s have the best pitcher in the majors for 7 more years.

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