Mariners Trade Carp for Next to Nothing

When Mike Carp was Designated for Assignment a few days ago, it became common lore

Picture of Mike Carp.

Mike Carp. Probably a baseball player. Definitely not a professional model. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

that Carp would be traded. This was confirmed when Jack Zduriencik said a couple of days ago that a deal involving Carp would be completed within the next 24-48 hours.

Well he was telling the truth.

Carp was shipped off to the Boston Red Sox for a PTBNL (player to be named later) and/or cash considerations.

The Mariners will get their choice of four lower-level prospects from the Red Sox organization, or, of course, the cash.

This deal had to be done as Mike Carp was not going to have a spot on the roster, due to the Mariners adding depth at first base and left field this offseason.

Mike Carp, by no means a world-beater, will probably receive ample at-bats in Boston. The Mariners lost a mediocre player with little chance for meaningful long-term impact at the Major League level. The money or the minor leaguer will likely help the organization more than Carp could have.

Anyway, with Carp gone, the Mariners roster got a lot better looking–Carp is a damn ugly guy.

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