Mariners Trade Jaso, Make People Upset

I taking a short break from my break to talk about the dumb Jaso trade.

Savior or flop?

Savior or flop? Image from Wikimedia Commons.

It’s official. The Mariners have made their first dumb move of the offseason. Things were going so well up until, well, now.

The Mariners traded Jaso for Michael Morse in a three-way deal that sends Jaso to the A’s (add insult to injury!) and some minor league pitchers to Washington.

This trade leaves a gaping hole at catcher for the M’s. Now we need someone, well, someone like John Jaso.

Until other moves are made, Jesus Montero is our number one backstop, which is quite terrifying. If you didn’t know, his defense stinks worse than accidentally leaving dead fishing worms in your room for a week. (not like I ever did that…) Hopefully Zunino can reach the majors quickly.

Jaso’s WAR was 2.4 higher than Morse’s last year, and in only six more games. The Mariners surely just misunderstand the whole WAR thing.

The M’s are relying on yet another aging player (31 years old) to bounce back to previous form (31 homers, .303 average in 2011). Morse was by no means a bad player last year, however, him having an all-star showing in Seattle would be nothing short of a minor miracle. Seattle has been where sluggers go to die.

The ideal situation is that Morse is an all-star, Jaso flops, we trade Morse for a nice package of prospects at the deadline, and never see him again.

But that certainly won’t be the case.

Jaso will go on to play well, maybe get traded again, and play well on his new team far beyond his 2015 contract expiration. Morse will jack 17 homers before the deadline and we trade him for a mid-level prospect who never pans out.

I am not a pessimist, but I can’t imagine what one would have to say about this. It’s hard to get excited about an injury-prone, only-31-but-past-his-glory-days slugger

I hope in October I’m writing and article about how stupid I was to have thought about this trade in this way, but I don’t see it at the moment. If this trade pans out I’ll…I’ll… aw forget it.


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