Mariners Add John Buck, DFA Peguero

The M’s added backup catcher John Buck.

And that is my level of excitement. Backup-catcher level excitement.

Buck has performed his whole career, all ten years, exactly like a backup catcher would perform. He’s posted one year where his WAR was over 2.0, and that was back in 2010.

I’m glad this move happened. It’s just one less thing the M’s have to worry about heading into the season. Buck’ll help mentor Zunino until he’s ready to take on full time catching duties in 2015.

Hopefully this year Mike Zunino can avoid breaking his hand while he’s swinging and can stay off of the DL for the whole year.

The M’s DFA’s Carlos Peguero, a typical AAAA player who dominates Triple A but can’t translate it into the Major Leagues. Not the end of the world.

Anyway, the Mariners made another move. And that’s something to be glad about.

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